Offices 2022

Citadel of Archives in Milan

Location: Milan Client: MM SpA Amount: € 17.561.816,04

A place of memory and future

The redevelopment and refunctionalization of the mechanized archive of the Milan Citadel of Archives makrs an ambitious challenge for Politecna. Considered today a place of convergence between past and future, the complex has undertaken a major digitization process in recent years, adopting sophisticated and modern document dematerialization technology in order to ensure better preservation, accessibility and consultation. In this way, the documentary heritage of Milan’s printed history can be progressively consulted digitally.

Inside, indeed, a robot manages in an automated way the eight aisles of steel shelves where documents are physically stored, allowing preservation and consultation and delivering to users in the consultation or scanning room the requested material. Politecna’s project has as its object the functional improvement of offices and services for use in the complex, helping to enhance it as an example of innovation and spatial quality.

The façade is characterized by a Quinta, with a strong verticality conferred by slats in obvious contrast to the more recurrent brick facades of the surrounding post-industrial area. This compositional choice also allows for the modularity necessary to optimize the construction phase, favoring pre-assembly and seriality.