Education and Culture Healthcare and Research 2016

Mechatronics Hub in Rovereto

Location: Rovereto Client: Autonomous Province of Trento Amount: 11.800.000 €

An innovation cluster in harmony with the landscape

Designed on a total area of ​​14 hectares, the new Mechatronics Hub in Rovereto is one of the few examples of an industrial hub in Italy  where entrepreneurs, workers, researchers and students can share an ideal habitat. Within this innovation cluster, Politecna has designed the whole spaces, from the volumes to the roofs, focusing on the quality of the environments and the innovative contribution of this center of excellence for its context. The solution of offering “green roofs” is part of a broader sustainable vision of the new complex, characterized by simple and dynamic shapes, designed to combine aesthetics and functionality. The entire design was developed in BIM with a level of detail (LOD 300) which allowed a precise overview of all the compositional and construction aspects, maximizing performance and optimizing the entire process from an executive point of view.