Administrative and Executive Heritage Constrained Buildings 2022

Italian Navy HQ in Rome

Location: Rome Client: Italian Ministry of Infrastructures Amount: € 5.587.673,71

Integrating aesthetic and architectural value

For the Italian Ministry of Defense, Politecna is in charge, together with the firm Peter Jaeger, of the Final Design, Executive Design, and Safety Coordination during the Design Phase for the redevelopment of the Palazzo della Marina, hosting the institutional headquarters of the Italian Navy, in Rome.

The architecture, built in the 1930s by architect Giulio Magni, is an extraordinary example of Art Nouveau architecture, with eclectic and neo-Baroque references, typical of the Roman school. The building has historically housed the offices and central library of the Italian Navy, and features large spaces and rich decoration. The project by Politecna and studio Peter Jaeger involves the energy upgrading of the building, to be used for offices, and includes the adoption of optimal solutions for the sustainability of the systems and the improvement of the energy performance of the spatial components.

The challenge of the project is to integrate the aesthetic and architectural value of the building, with the best standards of sustainability and efficiency proper to representative and working environments.