Healthcare and Research 2023

Community Hospital in Bra

Location: Bra Client: CN2 Local Health Authority Amount: 16.404.860 €

A new architectural skin to enhance the aesthetic and formal value of the complex.

In the city of Bra, the renovation of the Former Santo Spirito Hospital introduces a new Community Hospital. The intervention envisages the design of green public and health-related spaces, carved out between the courtyards of the historic building and equipped with benches, seating and elements capable of restoring meaning to the user’s free time and encouraging rehabilitation.
The proposal developed by Politecna and Team Pavia envisions allocating in one pre-existing building exclusively the functions attached to the Administrative and Training Services, and in the second building all the healthcare functions that require higher technological complexity.

The intervention enhances the monumental aspects and elements of architectural value, extending them with a view to redevelopment at the urban level as well. Building B, in particular, a more recent construction than the rest of the pre-existing buildings, is characterized by contemporary materials, and is enhanced by the project by a new internal “skin,” capable of contributing and regenerating from the aesthetic and formal point of view the whole complex. The proposed solution for the organization of the health macroareas involves a light renovation intervention, respectful of the original layout.