Education Healthcare and Research 2019

Biologico 3 Science Center in Verona

Location: Verona Client: University of Verona Amount: € 6.238.500,00

A future-oriented space for knowledge and expertimentation

In Verona, next to the Biological Institutes of Borgo Roma, Politecna Europa and Arc2Lab signed the expansion project of the University of Verona called “Biologico 3”.
This new space, in the heart of the scientific and technological center of the city, meets the need to expand the classrooms, research laboratories and facilities for students.

Developed entirely in BIM environment, the building consists of four floors above ground, with a total area of about 4,500 m² for a total of 1,170 students expected. The composition of the volumes dialogues with the existing building fabric and takes into account a distribution logic attentive to the flexibility and optimization of the spaces. The intervention is part of a broader strategy of the University of Verona, determined to create a pole of attraction for students, with a future-oriented teaching, declined in sustainable and innovative spaces.