Education and Culture 2023

New school complex in Villastanza, Parabiago

Location: Villastanza, Parabiago Client: Municipality of Parabiago Amount: 10.810.000,00 €

The educational heart of the evolving city

The design of the new Villastanza School Complex in Parabiago, winner of the Lombardy Region’s “Spazio alla Scuola” competition, focuses on three key themes: energy, sociality and circularity. The intervention aims to enhance a marginal area of the city through integration and synergy between the school community of the two institutes, primary and secondary, and the city, with sharing spaces and outdoor areas integrated with the existing greenery. Nature is a central aspect of the educational experience, evident in the landscape characterization of outdoor spaces, the design of shared spaces, equipment and slow mobility. Set in a marginal urban context, the educational complex becomes an authentic civic center, dialoguing with neighboring structures and standing in
continuity with the existing road system.

In addition, the project arranges for the construction of an environmentally, energetically and economically sustainable building, paying attention to the recyclability of components and materials, ease of maintenance and management, and environmental comfort with a clear maximization of natural light.