Education and Culture 2022

Le Scotte University Complex in Siena

Location: Siena Client: University of Siena Amount: 27.618.860 €

A dialogue between innovation and nature in the Siena hills

On the ridge of the Scotte hill, north of the city of Siena, Politecna Europa has created the definitive and executive project for a new innovative Hub for the University of Siena. The new complex will serve the Policlinico di Santa Maria alle Scotte, the largest in the province and among the largest of the region. The new university structure consists of four blocks, connected to each other by an agorà, serving as the heart of the space and its symbolic value for the academic and scientific community. Externally, the blocks are connected by routes created in harmony with the hilly landscape and visually integrated through green and practicable roofs.

The project has successfully completed the Design Final Review to obtain the LEED GOLD recognition for environmental sustainability. The new university center is set inside a sustainable high-rise building technological performance, able to respond to changing educational contexts thanks to modular, flexible and functional spaces. Moreover, some of them will be available 24 hours a day.