Administrative and Executive Heritage Constrained Buildings 2021

Naval Academy of Livorno

Location: Livorno Client: Arco Lavori for the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports Amount: 41.107.346 €

Efficiency and sustainability for a historic architecture

Founded in 1881, the Naval Academy of Livorno represents a symbolic building of historical value, and houses the prestigious institute for the training for officers of the Italian Navy. The project by Politecna Europa made it possible to restructure and make several buildings within the complex energy-efficient, with a specific focus on Palazzo Allievi, which houses the main activities. Thanks to a digital survey of the buildings, the entire process has been optimized to gain the best performance.


Moreover, an innovative approach was dedicated to the structural aspects, with BRAD ® anti-seismic devices for reinforced concrete, and consolidation techniques at the forefront for masonry components, ensuring control of the structural response a seismic episodes. The building is intended to accommodate different activities, not only intended for the community here hosted, but also at ceremonies and public events. The Piazzale Allievi, in particular, has a key role in the relationship with the city, thanks to a large space acting as a scenic backdrop and opening towards the sea.